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Hello! I'm the The-Wall-flower. :3 Welcome to my journal~ I use this account to post the work that I don't want on DeviantArt. Most of it will be fanfiction, possibly some written memes as wells, and anything else I don't want in my DA gallery.

I love a wide variety of things and have many interests, too many to really list without it eating up a lot of space. One minute you could talk to me about horror or Sci-Fi films/games, the next a Magical Girl anime.

A brief-ish summary: I'm introverted and take a (long) while to warm up to people, but I'm pretty friendly and can make small talk easily enough. I find it extremely hard to open up to people, even those I'm close to (this paragraph alone took me almost half an hour to write and post). But I've gotten a lot better and the results are usually worth the effort. :)

My main fandoms currently are: DC Comics, From Eroica With Love, Kaze to Ki no Uta, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Silent Hill, and Toward The Terra.

My current OTP is Anthy/Utena, from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Please feel free to add me~

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Utena x Anthy is love.
Utena x Anthy is my OTP.

★ Toward the Terra Kink Meme ★

"...The Ends of the World."